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GraviDANZA i januari

GraviDANZA ("Pregnancy" in italian - it contains the word "Danza" which means Dance) The Soul Body Movement for Mothers" is a "women's circle", a workshop open to women at any stage of the pregnancy, a place to share thoughts and feelings and to explore movement (partially guided and partially free, in order to help to relax and stretch and to learn some helpful movements you can use during labour, but also to get rid of tension and fear through free movement and music), a way to connect with your baby for your very first "Danza" together. 


(Please note: you don't need any dance knowledge to take part, the meaning of dance to us is gentle and free movement following the vibes of the music; we are also going to do some easy guided movement based on prenatal pilates and some breathing and relaxation techniques, and you don't need to be confident with either of these. The class is completely open to everyone!). 



Gloria Fuson is a Pre and Post Natal Specialist, a clinical pilates teacher, a doula in training and the founder of "GraviDanza - The Soul Body Movement for Mothers". She is also a dance teacher, now focused on helping dancers to learn to take care of their body (to improve technique and to prevent injuries) through her own method of body conditioning for dancers (The Fusion Method). 

Gloria is also mother to a baby boy and she is based in London, UK. 


Torsdag 16e januari kl 17-18.30

(endast ett unikt tillfälle, begränsat antal platser)

Pris: 200 kr

Anmälan till anna@doulagruppen.se eller via bokadirekt.se

Dancing for birth

Dancing for birth:

Passar alla gravida kroppar, alla som planerar en graviditet och alla som arbetar med födande!


Tider:  14.00-16.00 (1,5 h klass)

Januari: 5,12, 19, 26 

Februari: 16, 23

Mars: 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 

April: 5, 12, 26

Maj: 3, 10, 17, 24, 31



Drop in: 200 kr 

5 klasser: 750 kr

10 klasser: 1250 kr

Anmäl om du vill droppa in eller boka flera tillfällen på en gång till: salnykova@gmail.com (engelsktalande), anna@doulagruppen.se eller via bokadirekt.se

“Dancing for Birth" is a prenatal class for pregnant women and those who plan a baby. 

It is safe at any stage of pregnancy and good for women with any level of experience.


“Dancing for Birth” is a global certificate perinatal program. It is holistic in its approach and entails:

  • Physical preparation for labor through various kinds of dance (Afro, Belly, Latina)

  • Information on birth and motherhood 

  • Addressing emotions 

  • A lot of support 


Classes are run by a trained DfB instructor and a professional doula and child-birth educator Ana Salnykova.


Lena Vasylenko:

"This is a well-balanced mix of yoga/pilates postures, dance moves, and valuable info about pregnancy and birth… But the best part, in my view is that Anastasiya feels the participants and adapts the programs to our needs so that we can feel relaxed, as if in the presence of an old friend."


Anna Grushetskaya:

"These classes are the best memory from my pregnancy. Cozy relaxing atmosphere, where I forgot of my daily errands. I refocused on who I am, who WE are: WOMEN that produce life. Hanging out with open-minded and pleasant people, fun practices, graceful and feminine dance movements, warm and cozy instructor… I felt accepted for who I am in that circle! I enjoyed it a lot, and dance is so important during pregnancy… My every muscle felt the inflow of blood and energy."


Inna Jutewik:

"This is am amazing dance class! I was very impressed☺Positive attitude, fun, pleasant atmosphere! Very well thought-through movements. I felt lightness and booming energy after those classes"

About the teacher:

Ana Salnykova is a Stockholm-based doula, childbirth educator and Dancing for Birth instructor. Holding a PhD in Social Studies, she is passionate about changing the way women experience childbirth and motherhood by supporting one woman at a time with kind works, comprehensive info and nourishing fellowship.

More info on Dancing for Birth:www.dancingforbirth.com